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Fresno Chess Club   
 Chess is a game for the Mind.
Size and Strength doesn't Matter.
 Games last from 5 to 40 minutes.
We have Opponents available at all levels, from Raw Beginers to Master. 
Membership Ages is from 6 to 90
Come In, Enjoy the Game, Play for Fun, and Get Better.
Denny's Restaurant provides a clean friendly location 
Easy Public Access, Close to freeway, See Map on Contact Page.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings or one of our tournaments .

  Stop in and Say hello at one of our meetings and watch club in action.

Bring your kids on Friday Knights, no home work
We Meet At
30 N Herndon
Blackstone & Herndon
Mon & Fri 6 to 11pm
  1. Simple Rules
    Easy to Learn, but difficult to Master
  2. Climb the Giant Rook
    Climb the Giant Rook
    Fun at the Events
  3. Giant Chess
    Giant Chess
    Fun at the Tournaments
  1. Rules
  2. Fun
  3. Togetherness