Meetings are held on: 

Monday & Friday 

Carl's Jr., located at 3820 N Cedar Ave in Fresno
 6 pm to 11 pm

  The game of chess, which has been developing for hundreds of years, has long been one of the pastimes associated with the superior mind and the great intellect, the "egghead".  This is a pity, for chess has thereby lost millions of possible players - people who once they learned the game would enjoy it for a lifetime. 

  The fact is that chess is a simple game, difficult only for those who have reached mastery and wish to demonstrate this mastery in competition with other experts.  This is what you must learn to become a good chess player - one good enough to enjoy the game and to play it for fun:

1.  The six different kinds of moves possible by the six different kinds of pieces on the chessboard.

2.  A small number of objectives that will help you understand how to checkmate the enemy King - the object of the game.

3.  A set of principles that will help you understand how to use your pieces to win the pieces of your opponent, and thus make easier the task of checkmating his King.

We hope to see you at a tournament or one of our meetings.  Stop in and say hello, or to watch one of the many levels of chess players in action.

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3820 N Cedar Ave 
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