ABOUT Fresno Chess Club

FRESNO CHESS CLUB meetings have taken place in the Fresno Area for nealy 90 years est in 1930. We reorganized in November of 1980.  In the past, our club has meet at many different local sites, the most famous of these was located in downtown Fresno at the "Old Hart's Cafeteria" where members played durning the 1940's into 1960's.

IN 2008, Fresno Chess Club reached new hights by surpassing the 200 membership mark. In May of 2009, The USCF, United States Chess Federation honored the Fresno Chess Club by giving us the "CHESS CLUB OF THE YEAR 2009" AWARD.

The PURPOSE of the Fresno Chess Club is:
1) To promote the POPULARITY of Chess.
2) To enable its members to Play Chess.
3) To conduct TOURNAMENTS and other forms of Chess Competition and to provide instruction, entertainment and social life in chess for the membership
4) To obtain a grant for the purposes of reaching out to the school districts in the Fresno community who do not already have the subject of chess integrated into their scholastic curriculum.

MEETING:  The Fresno Chess Club Plays on Monday & Friday evenings at Denny's 30 N Herndon at Blackstone in Fresno Ca.  Play begin approximately 6pm until 11pm.  You are welcome at the meetings a couple of times for free. After that you are encouraged to join us as our annual rates for membership are very reasonable.

COST:  Annual Membership in the Fresno Chess Club is $40 Adult, $25 Student <= 18yr.  Family Membership is $60 =1 adult, 1 or more Students living at same address and Life Membership is $260 or four timely annual payments of $65.

WHAT GOES ON AT THE FRESNO CHESS CLUB and what if I am not that good of a player or just learning the game or don't know how to play at all?  RELAX, you will be At Ease with our friendly team. During any event at the club, players of average all the way to expert or master strength are likely present to help you out. We also offer all types of chess equipment at a great discount avoiding dreaded shipping and handling charges. Need more information speak to our current President at the club.