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This page was last updated: December 31, 2016
1. Life membership (s) may be purchased at a one time fee of $200 or four timely annual payments of $50.00. A special list of "Life  Members" shall be maintained with the Chess Club's  permanent records.

(Members voted increase effective February 1, 2009)
2. The current Chess Club library shall be for the exclusive use of members who are current in dues payments.  Non members and those in arrears may not use this privilege.
3. Members in arrears in dues payment (s) may not purchase chess equipment at the Club discount price.  Sales to non-current members and the general public will be made at full retail price.
4.  Those individuals who have not joined the Fresno Chess Club may have a couple of complimentary visits.  After their second visit, they will be invited to join the Club at the current dues rate, then in effect.  Those who have not joined, or who are in arrears, will be asked to join or pay current dues to support our Club and it's efforts. 
After a potential visiting club member has used their 2 free trial visits they are expected to pay for Fresno Chess Club membership.  Unless specific details and agreement of payment of dues has been worked out in advance the potential member will be required to pay $5 per visit after their two free visits to the club have taken place.          
 (Members voted second paragraph effective February 1, 2009)
5. By agreement between the Club President, the Club Vice President, and one designated member, a "Special Membership" may be offered in the following cases:

The Club and membership would benefit from having the individual as a member. 
In the event of hardship to a member beyond that member's capacity to control.

The term "Special Membership" shall be for six months, and may be extended for a like period upon review.
6. A committee shall be formed at each annual meeting whose purpose will be to provide for the dissemination of information about our Club, it's events and chess in general to the public.  The members of this committee will make every effort to attract media attention, notify other clubs and schools, and to use any other means possible to "spread the word." 
11.  Any person running for office in the Fresno Chess Club must be a paid member and in good standing for at least one full year immediately preceding their candidacy.

 (Members voted to change effective January 7, 2011)
8. Loud insults, racial slurs, foul language, or disruptive talking spoken in volume loud enough to be disruptive to the peace and tranquility of the other people at our Club or meeting place are prohibited.
9. Gambling for money (or ANY other wager, meals, etc.) is strictly prohibited by the Fresno Chess Club.  (Note: competing for cash prizes during chesstournaments is not considered gambling).
7. A committee shall be formed at each annual meeting to provide for standards for good sportsmanship, reliable conduct of members during club events, and to determine suitable fines, suspensions, or other conduct guidelines and then to notify the club President, who will be the agent of enforcement.  If the committee in any way should discipline the President, the agent of enforcement will not be the President; Instead the committee shall select an alternate person to serve as the "agent of enforcement."
Annual Buisiness        Meeting 
January 6, 2017
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10. The Fresno Chess Club “HALL OF FAME” was established in the early 90s with election criteria similar to the Major League baseball hall of fame. 

*Membership in this exclusive group is limited to those who have displayed a minimum of ten years exceptional service to the Fresno Chess club and benefits includes a Life membership in the club.
*Election criteria include, but are not limited to: financial assistance, donations and efforts above and beyond the call of normal membership  to make the club a better place for the body of members.Over the years several individuals, who are deceased, were elected to our Hall of Fame rolls. 
*The members were: Phil Smith, C. W. Bird PhD, Vaness French, 
                                          George Koltanowski and Leah Koltanowski.
*Four current members of the Fresno Chess Club were elected:  Dave M. Quarve, Dennis M. Wajckus, Keith Draughon and Dr. Timothy J. Roth.
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12.  The Fresno Chess Club's policy prohibits the use of alcohol during ANY of our club functions.  Drinking alcoholic beverages will not be allowed during FCC hours for those who participate in club attendance. 
 (Members voted effective June 26, 2009)
13.  The President, Vice President and Treasurer of the Fresno Chess Club must be at least 25 years old when they assume the respective office.  

 (Members voted effective January 7, 2011)