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June 5-6,  2010
"30th Annual San Joaquin Championship" For more information, call (559) 708-8100 or (559) 292-1468.  See flyer.
June 9, 2010
Pledge Night Channel 18 7:30-9:30 pm, Spanish Guitar.
June 26-27, 2010
"Bakersfield Class Act II" sponsored by the Bakersfield Chess Club.  See flyer or visit their website   
IM Sevillano, NM Bryant, and FM Banawa will be playing!

January 8, 2010
Fresno Chess Club Annual Business Meeting and elections are held.  Fresno Chess Club expected to have over 300 members.  Make your vote count!  
Also, presentation of Most Valuable Member Award takes place after business meeting and election of officers.

March  20-21, 2010
"Kern County Open Championship II"  sponsored by the Bakersfield Chess Club.  See flyer or visit their website.
February 20, 2010
"Delphis Software Polgar Sister Reunion"  sponsored by Delphis Software & produced by Clovis Unified School District & The Fresno Chess Club.  
Grandmaster Susan and International Master Sofia will play a tag team exhibition simul against 100 opponents.  Fresno Chess Club rules apply.  This will start on Saturday, 1:00pm.  

Cost and location:  CLICK HERE

April  24, 2010
Clovis Parade the FCC had two vehicles.  One for Monday and Friday Knights followed by Tuesday Ladies Knights.  A beautiful day for a parade! 
May 3, 2010
"FCC Open House Tournament" starts at 7:00pm.  Cost is $5.00, game in 25 minutes, four rounds, and USCF rated. 

July 16, 2010  Happy 80th Birthday Party!!!
Current members get a Free raffle ticket for the drawing and Cutting of the cake begins at 7:00pm. 
And, Mechanic's Institute "Anthony Corrales" will be our guest again and give the free lecture at 7:30pm.  Some of his students have achieved master rating!
And then, "Knight with the Doctor" simul begins at 8:00 pm and ends when the last one goes down!  Club members cost is FREE and if you're one of the lucky ones to win...then the choice of a FCC T-shirt or FCC Ball Cap is your prize.  The more the merrier, and better chance to win.  See you there!
August  19-22, 2010
Central California Open coming to Fresno AGAIN!  FCC members will get a discounted rate.  Ask about it at the club or call our President Bob Rasmussen.  Check out the... 


4,3,2, day schedules with projected prize of $17,000.00

September  2010

October  9, 2010Bakersfield’s National Chess Day Festival.
October  30-31, 2010
Bakersfield Fall Classic II.
For Bakersfield events, visit their website
November  2010 
December  4-5, 2010
The Bakersfield Open III
See more info, or visit their website
December  10, 2010
Lecture will be given by USCF Vice President and Women's International Master Ruth Haring at 7:00pm.
December  11, 2010
Fresno County Championship Chess Tournament
Contact TD Vaness French or President Bob Rasmussen
December  18, 2010
Bakersfield Chess Club last tournament of the year.  Contact Kenneth Poole at (661)-304-7468 for details.

Fresno Chess Club Annual Business Meeting

Time 7:30PM, Friday, 8 January 2010 at the Denny's Restaurant (corner of Blackstone & Herndon).
Friday, 7 January 2011 is next Annual Business Meeting
This is a very important meeting which will elect new officers and also affect the future of the Fresno Chess Club.

If you are a current member in good standing with the Fresno Chess Club and at least 13 years old, then you need to vote in future elections.  If running for office in the club, remember that your desire to do so is serious business which involves a full commitment  for an entire year.   Contact the President Bob Rasmussen if you have any questions.

The only item that was voted on in addition to election of officers was whether or not to raise the club dues:

Proposed Raising Club dues by 

$2.00  Did Not Pass

$5.00  Did Not Pass

Plan to be there next year for your voice to be heard and your vote to be counted.

Consider nominating a club member (non elected officer) for special "Most Valuable Member" for the giving of time, talent or financial contributions to the club for 2010.  Recognition to be noted as part of the Annual Business meeting program.  See club President Bob Rasmussen with your nomination.
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Pledge Nights 
on Channel 18.  Call our President Bob at 
(559) 708-8100 for all the details and give your support in future events.

Upcoming Dates

June 9, 2010
Spanish Guitar
7:30-9:30 pm
If it is in BLUE
Click it!!
Channel 18 again to be announced

On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long.  The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie;  the merciless fact, culminating in a checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite.

-Emanuel Lasker

Call our President Bob at 
(559) 708-8100 

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Click on the flyer for details during June.


Prepare yourself for the August tournament.
JULY 16, 2010

Fresno Chess Club
turns Eighty.

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Haapppyyyy Birrrrthdaaaay dear Fresno Chess Cluuuub...
Happy Birthday too youuuu!!!

You know, 
you want 
to sing 

January 7, 2011 is the next Annual Business Meeting

All members 13 and older may vote...Be there.
Bakersfield Chess Club

 again having the last tournament in December
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