Schedule of Events

Chess Play Begins at 6pm to 11Pm 
Come Join us 
During any event at the club, players of average all the way to expert or master strength are likely present to help you out.
  1. 3
    Chess Play
    6:00 - 11 Chess Play
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  2. 7
    Fresno Knights Night
    7 - 7:20 Knights Lecture
    Lecture On Knights, How does it control the board, How does it move, How may squares can it get too. Chess Play before and after, Come Join the Fun
  3. 8
    Attack of the Groundhogs Tournament
    Went Over GREAT, We had 28 Attendents
    Gavin Won 1st $50 Charles Won 2nd $35 Claire, Christopher and Rudy tie for 3rd $10 each Scholastic Ivan Won 1st $20, Hubert & Manit Tied 2nd $5 each Arvin Won 1st Reserve $10 Sharia & Joccean Tied 2nd $3 each
  4. 10
    Book Study Silman's Endgame Course
    7:00 - 8:00 Monday Book Study
    Come join us for a Group Book Study, Learn More Together anChessd Play
  5. 14
    Valentine Day
    No meeting
    A few of us will still meet
  6. 17
    President Day
    No meeting
    A few of us will still meet